The Secrets of Lovely Eyelashes

Thick, long eyelashes are something that many of us would like, but sometimes even when we use a really good (and probably expensive) mascara, we don’t always get the results we want.

If this seems like you, try these little tricks of the trade.

  • ·         Put a little powder onto your lids and lashes, just enough to lightly dust. Do this after you have put on your normal eye makeup.  This has the result that when you put on your mascara your lashes are thickened immediately.
  • ·         Next, take your mascara (if you have a habit of poking yourself in the eye, sit at a table and rest your elbows on it) and start on the top lashes.
  • ·         First brush gently downwards.  Pay attention to cover from outer to inner corner.
  • ·         Once that’s done apply a second coat but this time work upwards and outwards on the underside of top eyelashes. The trick here is always to apply slowly and brush outwards (towards your temples) to encourage the lashes to fan out, again from outer to inner corner. Doing this slowly helps to encourage them to dry fanned out and curved upwards.
  • ·         Now do the lower lashes. Work from corner to corner again.
  • ·         Check the results in the mirror. If you want them thicker, (of course you do) apply another coat. On the top lashes you will probably not need to cover the roots so start slightly further out to focus on the mid lengths and tips to thicken and add definition and  you can emphasize the outer corners of your eyes by applying only to your outer  lashes.

Voila, thicker eyelashes.  

I’d love to know if you try this tip and it works for you or if you have another great tip.




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