How to do that Important Task, cont.

Yesterday I wrote a highly sarcastic (but extremely truthful) version of my day when I will do almost anything and justify it too in order to not do something that I dearly need, or want, to do.
It’s startling how many people have resonated with it. Even though they don’t do all the things that I do in order to put things off and feel like they have accomplished something, they all find one thing or another to do.
Today I’ve had a fantastic and positive morning, answering all the comments that have come in on the blog and on Facebook and feeling really good about it, until my brother very kindly pointed out that this ISN’T FINISHING MY BOOK! He’s quite right of course.
I do know that the one way to end procrastination is to sit down and just do the thing that you want to do and let the other tasks go for a while. Not forever, but for a while. Because when you do the thing you really want to do, you do actually feel a lot better and will still get to the other tasks.
This is a really cool blog
that is great to explain why we do it.
So on that note, I’m off to finish editing my book. Or move a desk.



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