Declutter your Skincare

Declutter your skincare.

                              Make a small change today to making your skincare routine  simple and efficient.

Keep  things that you really adore and that work well for you, and learn to chuck out the things that are just taking up space in your bathroom shelves. The clutter and confusion that having far too many products around is counter productive and causes wasted time in the morning and evening.  You constantly pick up the same bottle each night to take off your mascara and once it doesn’t work, you switch to another.

We all do it, we get a new “super product” and the hype is so fantastic we can’t wait to try it out. Then   it doesn’t work and the fact that it cost so much money stops us from doing the sensible thing and letting go.

So make a start to free yourself up from all that.

Get out all the bottles, pots and jars that you have. Search the bedroom drawers and the baskets in the bathroom to find all the little pots you’ve hidden away. Gather them all together and see what you’ve got.

Discard all the ones that you never really liked, that don’t  smell good anymore, products that didn’t seem to work,  and anything with a half inch of product left that has been in the cupboard for a year. Anything almost new that you don’t really like, either throw away or make a gift of it to another friend, (they won’t mind they’ll be delighted).  Don’t stop at cleansers, go through the exfoliators,  body lotions and eye creams. Put everything that’s not wanted in a bag or the bin or by the front door to take out next time you go.

See what you’ve got left.

If you’ve got a couple of everything, pick  one you will start with, and put it where you will use it immediately. All the rest put in one place, nice and clean naturally on a shelf or in a drawer.

You might find at this point that there is a gap in what you have, so you can write it on your  shopping list or even just enjoy not having it for a while and the time that it gives you.

Clearing out the old like this sets you off to a good start with spring cleaning your products, helps to stop you getting stale and clears much needed space in the bathroom drawers.

Congratulate yourself, and appreciate  the beauty of just a few  products that work, and love your clearer,  emptier shelves.




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