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Depressing as it can be to see the end of summer, (though this year it’s a little harder to notice)  it’s also the beginning of something that I really love and that’s embracing winter  and the beginning of all the new Autumn/Winter make-up.  

As wonderful as French polish and tanned skin and wearing a sundress is, there’s also something rather fabulous about the reverse. Pale skin, dark eyes, wonderful jewel colours, red lips, dark nail polish, berry lip gloss and long black eyelashes.

I really get quite excited and look forward to heading to Bath for a tour around the make-up counters. I love to do this and see, not only all the new colours in the high end brands but also in the high street brands too.

Its so easy to fall into a rut with things like make-up. So easy to say that you know what suits you and then never deviate from that. But the thing is, the seasons change and so do we and so do our skins. This is a great time of year to embrace it.

Last years gorgeous buy, Estee Lauder lip gloss in Garnet

Go out and try something different!

If you find any truly wonderful products and colours, whether they are super posh or bargains  I’d love to hear about them



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