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Simple Ways to Avoid Wasting Products

Most of us girls, and even some men, have got bottles of lotions and potions and products that we don’t use, taking up space because its “too good”, because we don’t like the smell or it makes our hair feel funny.
It was expensive though and we don’t like waste so we won’t throw it away or even use it up. And it gathers dust, and guilt, waiting for the moment it will be used.

It’s a shame and it’s still a waste.
I personally hate waste and love finding new ways to use products so here are some tips:

· Give an expensive but unwanted body lotion (or anything for that matter) as a gift to a friend. In my experience they won’t be offended, especially if you say “This is wonderful, but just not me.”
· Conditioner that feels too heavy makes a great shaving cream for girls
· Have a swap with friends if they also have un-liked and unwanted products
· Use the good stuff!! What a waste if you don’t use it, waiting for that elusive special occasion. If you don’t have enough special occasions, create one, or use it on a Sunday, or Monday…if its lovely, use it. If you’re given smellies you don’t like, re-gift them: give as a gift to someone else
· Use fragrant soaps to fragrance your sweater or sock drawer
· Hand cream that you don’t use is great used on heels, knees and elbows
· Shampoo can be used as shower gel and bubble bath
· Over rich face creams are gorgeous on dry cuticles

Next time you find yourself dusting shiny bottles lined up on a shelf or turning away from a glossy box, just stop for a second and ask yourself why? Are you missing a treat?