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I looked around for more videos of facial exercises and came across this from Eve Fraser. I found her book a few years ago and loved it. This is a very chatty talk show and so it doesn’t give many examples but it does show some.

It is a very good example of just how amazing these exercises can be. When you look at it, remember that Eve in this video is in her 80’s.

I like this because it gives a great overview of some of the work that she does and it also includes men proving that this is not just for women.

Out of what is shown here I particularly like the exercise for the apple of the cheeks and for tightening a double chin. Along with the exercise that I shared I am beginning to do these every day. How about you? Want to join me and give them a try?

Let me know in the comments if you try them or Tweet me @gorgeousness_

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How to do that Important Task, cont.

Yesterday I wrote a highly sarcastic (but extremely truthful) version of my day when I will do almost anything and justify it too in order to not do something that I dearly need, or want, to do.
It’s startling how many people have resonated with it. Even though they don’t do all the things that I do in order to put things off and feel like they have accomplished something, they all find one thing or another to do.
Today I’ve had a fantastic and positive morning, answering all the comments that have come in on the blog and on Facebook and feeling really good about it, until my brother very kindly pointed out that this ISN’T FINISHING MY BOOK! He’s quite right of course.
I do know that the one way to end procrastination is to sit down and just do the thing that you want to do and let the other tasks go for a while. Not forever, but for a while. Because when you do the thing you really want to do, you do actually feel a lot better and will still get to the other tasks.
This is a really cool blog http://zenhabits.net/do/
that is great to explain why we do it.
So on that note, I’m off to finish editing my book. Or move a desk.

How to Get That Important Task Done

Working from home, especially when you have an important task to get done can be really tough. Here are some tips from my experience to help! Please do share any others that you know of.

Start the day bright and early.

Clear off your desk and leave only your computer and a pad and pencil ready. You notice that your desk is very grubby so you take the opportunity to polish it thoroughly and wipe down your laptop so that it’s all nice and clean.

Put all the papers to one side that you have cleared off the desk and notice that they are sitting in a pile of cat fluff. Decide to take the opportunity to run the hoover around so that you have a pleasant clean working environment with no distractions.

Hoover the stairs and under the bed while you are at it.

Make a healthy breakfast to aid concentration. Catch up on twitter while you have eat it. Read 20 links and say hello to everyone you know. It’s important to be connected and to network. Share a picture of your breakfast.

Time’s getting on, so hop in the shower so you start the work day refreshed. As it’s a big day and you want to feel really good while you work, put a conditioning mask in your hair and exfoliate your body thoroughly. Doesn’t that feel good?

Notice that your toenail polish is very chipped. You’re going to be in all day so you might as well quickly sort that out. Put on lots of moisturiser and re-paint your toe nails. (If you’re a man you can skip this step if you want to).

Get dressed with care. Remember you’re at work! Try on 6 outfits. This take so long you remember that it’s good to have a de-cluttered bedroom. Take an hour to sort out the surfaces and put things neatly away.

Wonderful, you have a clean, tidy bedroom. Go back to your desk.

Sit down.

Notice the time. It’s now lunch time and you know you can’t concentrate when you’re hungry so get a nice sandwich. Something nice and healthy. Take a picture and share it on Facebook. Tell everyone you are working hard at home today and it’s all going really well.

Nip out to the shop to get more chocolate biscuits.

Sit down to really appreciate your cup of tea and relax and be present for a few minutes before you settle down to work.

Wake up with a cricked neck.

Make a fresh cup of tea and quickly check twitter and your email. 3 people have retweeted a picture of your lunch so take care to thank them for the RT. This is very good manners so be sure not to forget.

Also there’s an important email inviting you to barbecue, it’s so bad to be late with responses to invitations so you must quickly reply. It  does mean that you need to double check your calendar and make sure all the episodes of the mentalist and the latest Doctor Who are scheduled. Also book in another day like today so that you can continue with your important task.

You realise that it’s now 3 o’clock and you only have 2 hours left (you really want to stick to a strict work day) so you quickly sit down and open up the document you are working on. Now that everything is clear, you can really concentrate.

When you look at the document you decide to quickly check the To Do list and find you need to send an email. Best to be on top of things, so you check with 3 people the details of the conference and then reply. Organise your email folders so that you have a new one for the conference details.  This is wonderful. You’re making real progress today.

Get back to the document. Almost immediately you realise that there are some facts that need to be checked so you dive right in and get on with your research.

Half an hour later the alarm goes off (you really want to be punctual today) and its five o’clock!

Well done you’ve done it! An excellent and productive day.

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Update on Rimmel BB Cream

I recently blogged about the Latest thing;  BB Cream
I noticed it in Boots and without really knowing what it was decided to give it a try. Generally I like Rimmel products. I find for the money they are excellent quality. 

I wanted to give you a little update in how I find it.

First of all, the texture is nice and soft and creamy, it offers some coverage and is very blendable. In spite of the fact that it is very pale it still doesn’t have a chalky or caked on appearance.

It lasts well for the day without turning very oily.

Here’s the most important bit.

My skin is naturally oily and make-up doesn’t really last very well on me, even with foundation and powder which I don’t like to wear very heavily every day. However, with a little of this all over, it lasts much longer and that is an absolute winner to me.

A heavier application definitely gives more coverage and a paler skin. 
It doesn’t have the luscious feeling of a rich foundation though., but a little underneath will hold your foundation on much better! 
Loving this product.

Have you tried any of them yet?

Simple Ways to Avoid Wasting Products

Most of us girls, and even some men, have got bottles of lotions and potions and products that we don’t use, taking up space because its “too good”, because we don’t like the smell or it makes our hair feel funny.
It was expensive though and we don’t like waste so we won’t throw it away or even use it up. And it gathers dust, and guilt, waiting for the moment it will be used.

It’s a shame and it’s still a waste.
I personally hate waste and love finding new ways to use products so here are some tips:

· Give an expensive but unwanted body lotion (or anything for that matter) as a gift to a friend. In my experience they won’t be offended, especially if you say “This is wonderful, but just not me.”
· Conditioner that feels too heavy makes a great shaving cream for girls
· Have a swap with friends if they also have un-liked and unwanted products
· Use the good stuff!! What a waste if you don’t use it, waiting for that elusive special occasion. If you don’t have enough special occasions, create one, or use it on a Sunday, or Monday…if its lovely, use it. If you’re given smellies you don’t like, re-gift them: give as a gift to someone else
· Use fragrant soaps to fragrance your sweater or sock drawer
· Hand cream that you don’t use is great used on heels, knees and elbows
· Shampoo can be used as shower gel and bubble bath
· Over rich face creams are gorgeous on dry cuticles

Next time you find yourself dusting shiny bottles lined up on a shelf or turning away from a glossy box, just stop for a second and ask yourself why? Are you missing a treat?