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This is the 5 minute rule of procrastination as I use it. I’m sure it has been written about many times before but this is my super simple version.

When your brain is exploding with millions of things to do and you are in a hurry, one way to go is to do nothing and feel paralysed (often happens to me). Another way is to try the 5 minute rule.

It can be applied it 2 slightly different ways. First; get just 5 minutes of that horrible task that youve been putting off, done, Second, See how many things you can get done in 5 minutes.

The first way allows you to make a tiny start on something that is hard and you have been putting off. You never know, you might find it isn’t so bad once you get started and go on to do more. If not, you will have made a start.

The second way can get a room tidy, the bed made and a bin emptied, a tricky email sent, a call you have to make, or your make-up done and your bag packed for the day. Go as fast as you can with this. You can get a room straight or a desk tidy with a couple of bursts of 5 minutes.

Because all you are facing is 5 minutes it’s so much easier to make a start.

I would love to know your procrastination solvers, so share them in the comments if you would like. Susi xx

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Feeling Stuck?

Yesterday and today I’ve been really stuck, I realised partly why when I came down with a cold this morning, but like so many people who work for themselves the voice in the head tells you to be productive and don’t waste the day! All those tasks that need to be done crying “me, me” a little like the mice in Bagpuss.  
So rather than do anything, you feel utterly stuck, never a nice feeling, and no idea where to start.
 So I stopped trying to do everything and instead took a break from worrying and had a little google which found me this article by one of my favourite bloggers.

Read it if you are ever stuck