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When I wrote the other day, I was so horribly stuck. And the thing is that this is not uncommon, not for me and probably not for you. I’ve managed to come un-stuck, for the moment at least, though I know that it will happen again.

Writing that little blog and sharing it and Leo’s blog with you was great. It broke the cycle that I was in of feeling like I couldn’t ever get everything done and that it was all completely hopeless.  I felt freer and happier after I sent it off.

So what were the little steps that I took?

  • After reading  Leo’s blog I had a little mental review of all had to do and told myself that all the tasks in my head that were clamouring for my attention would wait until later.
  • Then with my head clear I could actually recognise that I felt really rough. I went out and bought some cough medicine. 
  • Then I made a cup of tea and actually enjoyed it. 
  • Then I posted up my blog. This gave me a real thrill (it always does even if it’s a little blog) and made me feel so much better that I was more inspired afterwards.  I felt brighter, more cheerful and have had a couple of days of far more enjoyable work.
  • Finally I took care of all the normal evening tasks and got ready for work the next day with a much clearer head.

This might not seem a lot to some of you, but I think for anyone who gets stuck, anything that changes where you are is worth its weight in gold and those things can be anything.

I’d love you to share any of the tips that work for you and that you use to come un-stuck.


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