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Are you a fan of black and stunning eyeliner? Love the smoky eyes? Yes me too, always did, whether its just a little bit smudged on or a lot, all around my eyes or elegantly, just on the corners.

If you love your luscious black but you’re suddenly finding it looking a little stark or heavy then its time to switch to something softer, at least in part, without sacrificing your sooty eyes. The only reason that this happens is after a few years, our skin loses some of it’s colour as does our hair so the black can be just too strong and overwhelms our eyes and skin. This is not a good look.

For me though, I don’t let it stop me doing the big eyes when I want. You just need to change colours and not even that drastically.
Look for a very dark green or a very dark grey, I got one from MAC in Tarnish and another in Dark Grey from GOSH or this cool one from Maybelline in Smoky Chocolate. Do look for the darkest colours though, these look stunning and bold,without the harsh look that purely black can have.

Try one and see the difference, at the very least, try blending one with a soft black pencil, just to take the edge off.
It makes an amazing difference.

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