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Rough and dry skin is really common on hands, especially at this time of year. It can appear on palms, on the sides of forefingers and also be raw and chapped on knuckles.
Its caused by the cold weather, going in and out of warm rooms to the cold wind outside, as well as washing hands and not drying them thoroughly, using detergent, decorating and manual work, or handling lots of paper. I couldn’t believe the difference in my hands when I worked in an office after a salon. Not least because I found that lots of greasy hand cream doesn’t work at all well with printing paper!

Dealing with the rough skin first, use a body scrub or a facial scrub, rubbing it well into the sides of nails and not forgetting the backs of hands. Wash them well and gently afterwards, not with soap but with a gentle or moisturising shower cream. Use a hand cream or body lotion or cream and use lots of it, whenever you can. Use less if you’re going out and doing things with your hands but the best time to use a lot is at night.
I tried an experiment, I don’t have any manicure gloves, so I tried with a little pair of cheap woolly gloves, you know the ones you can get from a pound shop? I put on a very heavy layer of body lotion, nothing very special and put on the gloves and went to bed. This is not an attractive look, I’ll say that, but in the morning my hands were super soft, and stayed like that all day.
This was great because it didn’t cost anything extra, was simple to do and was quite efficient.

Finally, if you’ve been decorating, a very useful thing to do is to use a very heavy cream after you’ve finished doing the work, but, before you wash them. I found a good one was Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream. It seemed to lift the paint off well, then a good scrub. Finally, another layer to finish them off and this really worked for me.

I’d love to know if this is helpful or if you’ve got other tips to share for keeping your hands in shape this winter.

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