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With the sudden advent of sooo much sun I’ve run for the bikini drawer and had the depressing realisation that I am too late with the diet to be early for summer.

No matter, extreme hot weather and putting on the shorts that are too tight and the sundress  that has no space for my chest have inspired and motivated  me like nothing else could.

So right here I’m committing to lose half a stone.

If anyone wants to join me and share some helpful tips and encouragement with others please do.

I’ll start by being honest with you. I can’t even give up chocolate for a day. In summer I inhale ice cream, when I cook something healthy like a veggie curry to last 2 days I eat it all! On very busy days running around seeing clients I will spend the day eating biscuits rather than apples. Often when I come home from work I will just nuke a frozen “healthy option” because I’m tired and can’t be bothered.  Same as most of us I guess.

So this is a fab salad recipe from childhood. Many (many) years ago we had this day after day in scorching summer and my mum gave it to us with sliced ham. She tells me it kept overnight really well. I made it yesterday and she’s right.
White cabbage, (not the outer leaves)

Grated carrots (about 3)

Red dessert apple

Peanuts or any other nuts


Celery sticks chopped small

Salad cream

Cider vinegar

Light oil

Any other extras you like such as grapes, dates, fresh peas

To make

Slice the cabbage

Grate the carrots

Core and chop the apple into quarters and slice

Add the nuts, raisins or any other extras you fancy.

Mix up 2 spoons oil, 1 spoon vinegar and 2 spoons salad cream and toss the salad.

Serve with a slice of ham or chicken or fresh bread.

(Not forgetting, a little ice cream for dessert)



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