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Tired eyes in the morning? 
Who doesn’t? 
Tired puffy eyes, are caused by too much TV, using a computer for hours a day, too much caffeine, too rich cream on your eyes, too much salt, not enough sleep and after all that, crying.

This is a super simple beauty tip, good for men and women and it’s free too.

First thing in the morning (or if not then, whenever you have time) wring out a face cloth or cotton wool pads in very cold water. Place over your eyes and hold there.

When it gets warm, repeat and keep going for at least a couple of minutes.

You can do this every day morning or evening. It can have a real lifting effect on your eyes and if you use it all over your face, will brighten and refresh, and all for free. 
I’d  love to share your own tips for puffy eyes and to hear how you got on with this one. 

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