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I was asking myself,

what are all the things that I have to do for getting all of my tax paperwork done for the end of January?

Like so many people I have left a pile of it til the last moment, then I thought, this is the wrong question, or at least partly. How about if instead of asking what do I have to do and having a horrifying list, I were to ask, how can I get it all done quickly and enjoy it?

It’s a better question and so it gets a better answer. I’m going to channel my inner Sheldon Cooper and decide to sort, label and organise everything.

I hate that it gets behind and I am terrible for procrastinating on this kind of thing (see previous posts). But the biggest bit of the job is now done thanks to my inner Sheldon. All receipts are now filed. I have 3 beautiful files lined up with dividers in, its just now a case of sitting my ass in a chair and finishing it.



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