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I have been asking friends and readers for their own tips and this one came from Pam, she has two children under four (only a year apart) and runs her own business from home and, she always has the most beautiful painted nails.
This is what she does..
“I always do both the undercoat and the Sally Hanson top coat – so that even if the nail varnish is super cheap it looks super chic and expensive.
I can only paint my nails when both babies are strapped in their car seats and we are off on a little journey- that gives the paint some time to dry.  
I never wash up (but that’s also because I hate washing up) so I use the dishwasher but if there is something in the sink to clean – I use the long handled brush with the washing up liquid inside it so that I don’t have to use the yellow washing up gloves which always seem to take the shine off my nail varnish (if I remember correctly as I haven’t used them for years) 
Also for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen I always use antiseptic cleaning wipes, so again I do not have to wring out any dirty dish cloths. 
I always time doing my nails for after I have washed my hair i.e. I never do my nails and then later that day wash my hair – it is always the other way round – so again the nail varnish lasts longer. 
Voila that’s what I do!!”
What I love about this is that Pam just does it her way; she doesn’t use detergent  if she can avoid it and with a little planning in her super busy day she can keep her nails together.
We all have our “thing”. Nails or hair or perfume or whatever it might be. That when it’s done we feel we can cope better. This is one of hers.  
If you have a fantastic tip to share with other Gorgeous Girls I’d love to read it

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