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Top tips for making nail polish last.

It can be so frustrating can’t it when you go to all the trouble of fixing your nail polish only to find they soon lose their shine and start to chip too soon.

  • Always wash your hands and gently clean nails with a nail brush and dry thoroughly before you apply polish.
  • Always use a nourishing base coat, it protects your nails from being stained by colour and holds the nail polish on your nails.

  • Don’t file nails too pointed, it weakens them, instead opt for a slightly broader shape.
  • Don’t get your nails wet the same day as you apply polish, or at least leave for several hours.
  • If your coloured polish seems to drag on your nails it might be getting too thick, a drop of nail polish remover in it will help, or you can buy thinner from a chemist. If its still too thick, sorry, its time to chuck it out and start again.
  • Always use a top coat, it’s extra hard and shiny and saves the colour from fading and chipping too soon.
  • Re-apply top coat after a couple of days. It brings up the colour and shine.
  • And finally, use rubber gloves (or surgical gloves if you really hate the rubber ones) for all housework that involves scrubbing, detergent and hot water. And before you scream at me, I know. I know it’s not convenient, I know it’s a pain and you don’t like them, I know.
    But I’ve been a cleaner; I work with my hands, I wear nail polish, I’m not always careful with my hands.
    I’ve done housework with gloves and without.
    With gloves polish lasts 5-6 days. Without, on me, it’s down to 2 days. I think gloves are the difference between chapped hands with chipped nails and smooth hands set off with smooth polished nails that doesn’t chip in five minutes!

    If this is helpful, or if you have another brilliant tip, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you. 


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