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You’ve probably read about morning routines in the last few years and lately this idea that you have to be up at ridiculous o’clock in order to have a phenomenally productive day. I have to admit that while I do like having a productive day, there is no way that getting up at 4.30 in the morning every day is going to be a part of my routine anytime soon.

My normal routine used to be, wake up, have a fag, have tea, read twitter, shower and go to work. But as I’ve started wanting to get fitter, lose weight, do exercises for my back and reduce anxiety I felt the need to make some changes and find a way to make some of it happen. I’ve now quit smoking but I was rather put off by morning routines that I’d read about or see on YouTube, as they all seemed so loooong and honestly really complicated.

Rather than share all the things that haven’t worked, here are a few that are working now. Some of this could be described as a bit woowoo but honestly if it works I’m there.

I get up at 6.30 like normal and head for the kettle but do gentle dynamic stretches and some exercises my osteopath recommended. I do the first portion of what so many routines also recommend, and do the 5 minutes of gratitude. Set a timer for 5 minutes and list things/people/experiences to be grateful for or that have been good or memorable. (I think this has actually been good for my memory too.)

Next cup of tea and another 5 minutes on the clock, I list out all the things I want to have or do or be while remembering to say why I want them.

Finally I either do another 5 minutes on what I need to do today, I’m still doing exercises by the way, really gentle on a blanket on the floor or standing up. This section I have a piece of paper handy so I can scribble a list.

I’m trying out replacing the final section, depending on how I feel, and doing a 3 minute meditation instead. I find this a very calming, grounding thing to do and can be a good way of settling my mind before work.

This is a work in progress that I’m learning to adapt and develop but is definitely showing benefits so far.

Share in the comments if you have a cool routine that inspires productivity or calmness or creativity.


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