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This is a nice meditation and it’s very simple.

The basic meditation that I use I found described by Leo Babauta on his blog and I have used that basic template ever since.

Today’s early morning meditation was sitting on the sofa with the cat, who was in the mood for company, and in your mind saying the words,

Easiest, Centred   on the in breath
Enjoyable, Aligned on the out breath. I did this for 5 minutes and it helped as I was definitely feeling the pressure of too many things to do. Try this in the morning when sorting out the day or whenever your mind is racing in circles trying to sort out a problem.

Set your timer on your phone for 2 or 5 minutes, however long you have and chill



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How to Do a DIY Spa day

Having a spa day.
If there’s one thing I love its going to a spa. There’s something so lovely about it, you spend all your time swimming, sitting in hot steam, reading magazines, even taking a yoga class or meditating.  Its sooo good and yet finding the time or the money can sometimes be such a barrier it’s impossible. What you can do is have a little spa day at home, either on your own or with a couple of friends.
Pick the day carefully; make sure that you won’t be interrupted apart from emergencies. Think of all the things you might do at a spa and what you would wear and need.
So you will want;
A large robe or dressing gown,
Swimming costume
Relaxing music to have in the background
A meditation tape for relaxation
Some fruit and some fruit drinks
Something for lunch that fresh, natural, or very simple such as salmon sandwiches or home made soup
Oils, essential oils, bubble bath, body scrub, loofah. Hair conditioner etc
Face masks, cleanser, facial oil or sweet almond oil with a drop of essential oil such as camomile or lavender or Neroli
Body products such as bubble bath, body cream, scrub,
Set up the house so that you have the heating on nice and warm, plenty of towels in the bathroom.
Play the music not too loud so that it is on gently in the background.
A great idea is to have a beauty therapist come over to the house and do some treatments for you all. You can often get a special price if 2 or more of you want a treatment or several treatments. If you can’t do that then you can take it in turns to give each other a home facial, a foot massage or a neck massage.
Try having long deep baths with lit candles followed by a cool shower.
Do a thorough body scrub, shower it all off and apply tons of body moisturiser
Wash your hair and put a lot of good conditioner into it, wrap it in a towel and leave it to soak in while you relax again. 
Drink lots of water and try some fruit tea.
Turn all the lights down and all get comfortable lying on sofas or the floor and listen to a relaxation or guided meditation cd.
Do your nails and your toenails.
Use a foot spa.
Try some gentle yoga stretches.
Read glossy magazines you don’t usually have time for.
Put up your feet, relax. Have a one day or even just a one afternoon holiday.