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How nice it is to be organised.

I can’t tell you how utterly annoying it is to reach for something and find YET AGAIN that the thingummy you’ve picked up is the broken one or the wrong one that you never ever use. It’s such a complete and utter waste of time, when all you’re trying to do is get out of the door.

When that comes to make-up in the morning it’s incredibly maddening.

A minimal and organised make up bag should be a well ordered piece of kit and designed to have only your favourite essentials for getting you through the day. Don’t cart around half of Boots unless you really have to.

A few suggestions for the daily kit;

Mini Perfume

Brush or little comb

A lipstick/gloss or a small tin of petroleum jelly

Eye pencil, maybe 2 in different colours


Concealer or light reflecting concealer


Mini pack of wet wipes

If you use an eye pencil then you must add a decent eye pencil sharpener. Standard pencil sharpeners don’t work! they will ruin your lovely eye pencil

I always add painkillers a BB Cream and a liquid or gel eyeliner.

So from today, make a promise to yourself that the next time you pick out the wrong eyeliner /lipstick / mascara, you will take it out of your make up bag and either put it away or put the blessed thing in the bin and have done with it.

What are your absolute make up essentials?


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Update on Rimmel BB Cream


I recently blogged about the Latest thing;  BB Cream

I noticed it in Boots and without really knowing what it was decided to give it a try. Generally I like Rimmel products. I find for the money they are excellent quality.

I wanted to give you a little update in how I find it.

First of all, the texture is nice and soft and creamy, it offers some coverage and is very blendable. In spite of the fact that it is very pale it still doesn’t have a chalky or caked on appearance.

It lasts well for the day without turning greasy.

Here’s the most important bit.

My skin is naturally oily and make-up doesn’t really last very well on me, even with foundation and powder which I don’t like to wear very heavily every day. However, with a little of this all over, it lasts much longer and that is an absolute winner to me.

A heavier application definitely gives more coverage and a paler skin.
It doesn’t have the luscious feeling of a rich foundation though., but a little underneath will hold your foundation on much better!

Loving this product.

Have you tried any of them yet?

Joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The Ultimate Blog Challenge
I’ve taken part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this January, I decided to do it, not really to boost my blog but to make a commitment to writing as often as possible and to try and hit the target. I want to be a better writer so a challenge to write every day seemed like a good idea. I also wanted to break through the fear that strikes when its time to write. I’ll usually sit on the sofa and bite my fingers while avoiding looking at the computer or I’ll go and find something to do “quickly”. This is why its day 5 (though in fairness I signed up 2 days late) and the house is spotless.
My main subject is beauty tips, favourite and most useful beauty and make up products, and answering questions that I’ve been asked for the last 20 or so years of being a beauty therapist, so if there are any questions out there let me know.
 I’ve also got another personal challenge of clearing the clutter of outdated habits, too much paper and making this year simpler and happier.