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How nice it is to be organised.

I can’t tell you how utterly annoying it is to reach for something and find YET AGAIN that the thingummy you’ve picked up is the broken one or the wrong one that you never ever use. It’s such a complete and utter waste of time, when all you’re trying to do is get out of the door.

When that comes to make-up in the morning it’s incredibly maddening.

A minimal and organised make up bag should be a well ordered piece of kit and designed to have only your favourite essentials for getting you through the day. Don’t cart around half of Boots unless you really have to.

A few suggestions for the daily kit;

Mini Perfume

Brush or little comb

A lipstick/gloss or a small tin of petroleum jelly

Eye pencil, maybe 2 in different colours


Concealer or light reflecting concealer


Mini pack of wet wipes

If you use an eye pencil then you must add a decent eye pencil sharpener. Standard pencil sharpeners don’t work! they will ruin your lovely eye pencil

I always add painkillers a BB Cream and a liquid or gel eyeliner.

So from today, make a promise to yourself that the next time you pick out the wrong eyeliner /lipstick / mascara, you will take it out of your make up bag and either put it away or put the blessed thing in the bin and have done with it.

What are your absolute make up essentials?


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Tried The Latest Trend in Make-up?

Got to let you in on this one!

BB Cream by Rimmel

Just bought  this product yesterday.  Really hadn’t planned to, just nipped in to get a waterproof mascara for a wedding client at the weekend and saw Rimmel have a BB Cream out at £6.99.

I’ve never heard of a BB Cream before so if you haven’t either, it stands for Blemish Balm and it’s pretty new here in the UK. Anyway I’d never heard of it, tried it in the shop, loved it and bought it.

There are only 2 shades and I bought “Light”. I have fair English skin.  It looks slightly pale, blends in well and it has evened out pink in my cheeks and given a really lovely light (not greasy) sheen.

The BB Cream, acts as a primer, blemish concealer, moisturiser, pore minimiser, brightener and tinted moisturiser.  
Now my personal feeling has always been that tinted moisturisers are just coloured cream without any coverage which I don’t like. But I don’t like very heavy foundation type coverage either, especially for daily use. This seems to hit the balance really well. Plus it seems to blend well, with fair skin, if you don’t get the shade and coverage right you can look too dark and unnatural or look deathly pale. 

One other thing, although it acts as a moisturiser, my skin needs more than that so I will continue to use my normal moisturiser underneath.

 I’ve only tried it for a day so I will let you know very soon how it works out and if you use them I’d really love to know what you think of them


The lovely thing at the end of summer

Depressing as it can be to see the end of summer, (though this year it’s a little harder to notice)  it’s also the beginning of something that I really love and that’s embracing winter  and the beginning of all the new Autumn/Winter make-up.  

As wonderful as French polish and tanned skin and wearing a sundress is, there’s also something rather fabulous about the reverse. Pale skin, dark eyes, wonderful jewel colours, red lips, dark nail polish, berry lip gloss and long black eyelashes.

I really get quite excited and look forward to heading to Bath for a tour around the make-up counters. I love to do this and see, not only all the new colours in the high end brands but also in the high street brands too.

Its so easy to fall into a rut with things like make-up. So easy to say that you know what suits you and then never deviate from that. But the thing is, the seasons change and so do we and so do our skins. This is a great time of year to embrace it.

Last years gorgeous buy, Estee Lauder lip gloss in Garnet

Go out and try something different!

If you find any truly wonderful products and colours, whether they are super posh or bargains  I’d love to hear about them



The Secrets of Lovely Eyelashes

Thick, long eyelashes are something that many of us would like, but sometimes even when we use a really good (and probably expensive) mascara, we don’t always get the results we want.

If this seems like you, try these little tricks of the trade.

  • ·         Put a little powder onto your lids and lashes, just enough to lightly dust. Do this after you have put on your normal eye makeup.  This has the result that when you put on your mascara your lashes are thickened immediately.
  • ·         Next, take your mascara (if you have a habit of poking yourself in the eye, sit at a table and rest your elbows on it) and start on the top lashes.
  • ·         First brush gently downwards.  Pay attention to cover from outer to inner corner.
  • ·         Once that’s done apply a second coat but this time work upwards and outwards on the underside of top eyelashes. The trick here is always to apply slowly and brush outwards (towards your temples) to encourage the lashes to fan out, again from outer to inner corner. Doing this slowly helps to encourage them to dry fanned out and curved upwards.
  • ·         Now do the lower lashes. Work from corner to corner again.
  • ·         Check the results in the mirror. If you want them thicker, (of course you do) apply another coat. On the top lashes you will probably not need to cover the roots so start slightly further out to focus on the mid lengths and tips to thicken and add definition and  you can emphasize the outer corners of your eyes by applying only to your outer  lashes.

Voila, thicker eyelashes.  

I’d love to know if you try this tip and it works for you or if you have another great tip.


10 Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Make up.

This is something that most of us have done, constantly opening the makeup bag or drawer and searching for that one eyeliner and lipstick that we reach for. But the things that we are pushing out of the way are items that if we thought about it, we wouldn’t have. Why not? Because we know they don’t look good, they don’t fill us with confidence, so they sit there, getting in the way.

This is something that I’ve done with clients, unsure of what suits them, not confident enough to throw away things that cost £20 or £30. Uncertain if they should buy anything new, unwilling to make a mistake and not clear on what they want the make up to do for them. I’ve done it myself, keeping gorgeous lipsticks and foundations in some vague thought that one day they would suit me. Until I reached a decision to get rid of everything that I didn’t like.

1.       Get all makeup out. Search everywhere, every last handbag and drawer, not forgetting the makeup bag.

2.       Ask yourself, when do I use make up? Do you go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Fancy dress parties? Cross dress? If no, then the extreme makeup can go. Anything too magenta, purple or vampirish, chuck!  Most of us fall into the categories of work, social and glamming up for parties and nights out, (but as I do go the Rocky Horror, I keep some very scary make up).

3.       Put to one side all the things that you have worn over and over and when you use them, you know you look really good. That perfect lipstick, the lavender pencil, exactly the right thickness mascara. You’ll want to keep these handy.

4.       Now, sort through and check the rest, my pet hates are; mascaras that are dried up, black pencils that barely work, and lipsticks that feel too dry (I prefer gooey ones but that’s just me), eye shadows that give me the appearance of a bad hangover.  The things that don’t function, chuck them out now. BUT, be bold, if you aren’t sure have a go at trying it out. Sometimes something that looks unlikely, can actually work when its on you!

5.       So now you have (probably) 3 piles. A small pile of tried and tested, a pile to throw away, and some that you’re not sure of.  Run through the not sure things, just pop them on, if your teeth look yellow, or the foundation is just the wrong colour, just give yourself a break and let it go. Make a gift on anything that’s new or barely used or if that’s not possible, throw away.

6.       Some things you still  might not be certain of, keep them and experiment with them in the next few weeks.

7.       Throw your makeup bag in the wash.

8.       Wipe everything you’re keeping with a clean, damp cloth and sharpen the pencils.

9.       Put it all in the bag and admire how clean it looks, enjoy the fact that that is a little bag that does its job.

10.   Be bold and enjoy using what you’ve kept.

As William Morris almost said, “Have nothing in your makeup bag that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”   

Joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The Ultimate Blog Challenge
I’ve taken part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this January, I decided to do it, not really to boost my blog but to make a commitment to writing as often as possible and to try and hit the target. I want to be a better writer so a challenge to write every day seemed like a good idea. I also wanted to break through the fear that strikes when its time to write. I’ll usually sit on the sofa and bite my fingers while avoiding looking at the computer or I’ll go and find something to do “quickly”. This is why its day 5 (though in fairness I signed up 2 days late) and the house is spotless.
My main subject is beauty tips, favourite and most useful beauty and make up products, and answering questions that I’ve been asked for the last 20 or so years of being a beauty therapist, so if there are any questions out there let me know.
 I’ve also got another personal challenge of clearing the clutter of outdated habits, too much paper and making this year simpler and happier.