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I really don’t want to give up chocolate for Lent any more.

I don’t want to fail but then again, life doesn’t seem to be worth living. Slight exaggeration I know, it’s not all the time, but times like this afternoon, I’m fretting like I’m quitting smoking. I thought that not eating it would help with losing a bit of weight. Not so.
I’m the same weight I was when I started, not even a quarter of a pound off mostly because I’m constantly over eating to compensate. (and because I’ve given up TV too, I’m spending my time playing Angry Birds)
This is the eighth day now, that’s pretty good; maybe I’ve at least reduced the habit a bit? (little bit of self justification?)
I know my chocolate habit had got fairly out of control in the last few months and it did need to be cut down, plus it’s something I do rather than DOING something, so I thought, Have a Break (I know I know) But look! This lovely thing has been in my fridge the last week, taunting me and I LOVE it,  and everywhere I go, Creme Eggs are by the till.
I haven’t given up giving up yet. But I might.
Now where did I put that chocolate bar……..
In fact I will go with a majority vote on this
let me know what you think here or on twitter  @susanemroberts 

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