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Dealing with ingrown hairs

 Maybe, but it’s a question that I’ve been asked to answer and it’s a very common problem. You can get these annoying things all over, but most common on the lower legs and bikini area and sometimes, annoyingly, chin. They can be caused by jeans or boots constantly rubbing your calves or ankles, undies rubbing the bikini line, by waxing very strong hairs and sometimes a hair can just get caught under the skin.
They are most easily dealt with first of all by exfoliating very thoroughly. When you use a body scrub don’t use it in the shower under running water. The product doesn’t get a chance to work on the skin. Instead, your skin can be wet but not under a shower. Take your time and rub the scrub in circles up your legs, or bikini, or all of you for that matter, why not do the lot while you’re there. When the scrub is clumping up and getting stuck its done, so carry on and have a shower.
After you must moisturise, use a nice rich cream or lotion and if the skin seems very dry, pile it on. Give it a minute before you get dressed.
A really good tip is to use oil mixed in with the lotion. Sweet Almond oil is perfect for this but any natural oil, such as grapeseed is great. Mix the 2 things, lotion and oil (a little less oil than cream) in your hand and apply as normal. It sounds very weird but actually it works like a charm. I wouldn’t use a mineral oil though, they don’t moisturise as well.
Finally, if any of the hairs are sore or seem to be turning into a spot, do all of the above but apply an antiseptic cream to the specific areas for a couple of days, especially useful for bikini areas.
All of these things will soothe the skin and help free the hairs and if you need to squeeze one to get the hair out it will be a lot easier and if you really pick at them you will scar your skin.
I’d love to know if this useful to you and if you have any other brilliant tips for getting rid of those pesky hairs, get in touch.

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