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Feeling gorgeous is not the same as feeling glamorous, or sexy or fashionable. Its about doing and wearing the things that make you feel good, or lovely. So if you have a special floral perfume you love when the fashion is for citrus scents, or love your curly hair but the fashion is for straight hair, that's fine - conforming to fashion is 
not the same as feeling gorgeous. 

Which isn't to say don't try all that's new, in fact do try it! Try as much as you want and update yourself with different clothes, hair cut and colour and makeup, but if it really doesn't work for you, or feels uncomfortable, you won't feel gorgeous.

It's not about wearing the best jewellery, or the heels, or the very best shades. If they don't suit you, no matter how much the magazines tell you you should wear it, you won't feel a million bucks - you'll feel like an impostor, feel artificial and uncomfortable, and that's not a good feeling. 
Feeling false and uncomfortable never makes anyone look or feel lovely and you can spot it a mile off in someone else, don't let that be you! 

The most gorgeous girls and boys I know frequently don't completely conform to trends or a genre, but they wear and do things that are truly what they like, suit them and make them the gorgeous individuals they are. They aren't necessarily the most fashionable, but they will be current and always they look truly themselves. And you can tell when they are feeling gorgeous, it radiates from them.
I  know I get that feeling  when my hair is freshly coloured, when I have my best (and favourite) underwear on, when I have a shower and put on perfume or body lotion, zipping up my boots and painting my toe nails red. Quite a lot of these little things cannot even be seen by anyone else. Its really not always about how you look on the outside, its about feeling a certain way. 
This also works for the contents of your head, I have to say. If I have things to do and I don't do them, or I put things off and hide from them or if I'm horrible to someone, then I feel nasty, certainly not gorgeous. Trying to do or be the best that can, being honest and loving, that feels pretty good too.

Don't conform, be gorgeous, unique. Think, what makes me feel really  gorgeous?


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