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A couple of weeks ago I made a film with friends for the Glastonbury Film Challenge. It’s here if you want to see it. (It’s funny and worth a look.)

The thing is that when we planned to do this film challenge, I looked at myself on camera for the first time a couple of months ago and thought I looked awful. so I embarked on a programme of weight loss and facial exercises, skin moisturising and hair tidying so that I would look presentable on camera. I wanted to feel good about the way I looked so that I would feel confident on camera. (Something that I am really really not, as a rule.)

Well the programme worked. By counting calories using My Fitness Pal, I lost nearly a stone. I found better make-up for on camera that made me look smoother, my cheekbones reappeared (a little, I have a round face) and I felt ready for anything.

So there we were, at the competition, and we got our genre and title. Just so you know, its a 5 day competition and you are given your genre and title by putting your hand in a bag of options and that’s it! Off you go and turn in a completed film in 5 days. Our genre was, Mockumentary and title was What Happens when you Die. Rachel had a brilliant idea for it and we were ridiculously excited.

Our Fabulous writer and director Rachel Whitelock sent me off to transform into a drug addict instantly along with my lovely co-star Chris Constantine.

I shoved some gunk into my hair painted shadows on my face, ripped my tights,it was great. But here’s the thing, the thing about looking crap that I hadn’t thought of.  It was one of the most liberating weekends ever. When I woke up on Sunday to film again, looking rough, my first thought wasn’t “oh dear” it was “great, less to do!” How incredibly freeing to look like rubbish and to not care. How amazing to have people say that you look the part, how great to be thinking about the job in hand and not to give a DAMN how you look. For it to be a good thing if your eyes run! I tell you, it was a good feeling.

Finally,I had to ask myself, was all that effort wasted? Am I glad or sorry I tried so hard beforehand?

Well I am glad. I think of losing that weight as 100% positive for me. Feeling lighter (and believe me I really did need to lose that stone) has given me more energy, I fit into clothes from 2 years ago which has saved me money, I’m taking better care of my health by not eating so much junk, so yes it was worth it.

And by the way, we won 🙂

Susi xx

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6 Things to Focus on in 6 Weeks

Recently I got involved in a film project. It’s a 3 minute film challenge that I’m taking with a friend who is an aspiring screen writer and it looks like it will be fun with a lot of work. But here’s the thing. When I saw myself on camera I was horrified! Every single little broken capillary stood out and my face was so shiny I just couldn’t believe it. Plus shadows under my eyes and a lack of tone in my face that I hadn’t realised existed; though I do some facial exercises I’m not at all disciplined.

So now I am on a mission.

Ever noticed how you suddenly manage to focus, get organised and step up a gear when something you really want is on the table?

Over the next 6 weeks I’m focusing on:

  • Losing weight (something that I have been trying and failing at for the last year).
  • Exploring better coverage make-up for filming.
  • Better make-up for shadows and for the eyes.
  • Facial exercises to do as a simple routine each day.
  • Drinking more water to help with dark shadows.
  • Improve my haircut, especially my fringe which I last cut myself (and it’s too short).

(By the way, I know that I know how to do make-up, just not for this field!)

Maybe I am vain. Maybe I “Should” be thinking differently. And I know that this is not a big movie, I’m no star, but it matters to me to feel good and confident, and it feels like the push I have been needing for a while to get off my (really too large) ass and get on with it.

Just to start off, I have already starting using my new toy, the My Fitness Pal app. Its amazingly focusing and I have lost 8lbs in the last month, simply by eating less (mostly less Dorito’s). The reason it works for me is that it shows me the calorie value of everything, so you learn to make better choices and naturally eat healthier, lower calorie foods.