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We often think of using a salon as something expensive and only for a lovely treat, but these are some treatments that cost very little and in my experience can be effective and useful and worth every penny
  • Eyebrow waxing. A good eyebrow shape done with wax or threading leaves eyebrows smooth and immaculate. The effect of this simple and inexpensive treatment is to make your eyes look more awake and gives your face a groomed, chic look.  
  • Eyelash tinting. Even if you wear mascara all the time this makes a difference, especially first thing in the morning, and if you are off on your holidays (or to a festival), even more so. Don’t forget its also waterproof so no need for eye make up remover. No-ones eyelashes are completely dark to the tip and a tint will make them black so that they seem longer, even without makeup on and look better when it is.
  • Under arm wax. Yes I can hear you wince even from here, but a few sessions can see the hair start to soften. Stick with it and get it done every 3 to 4 weeks and after a while, that shadow that you see under your skin every other day, should go. And that can be such a result in summer.
  • Hands on facials. A deep cleanse, and massage to lift the skin and natural oils to purify and moisturise your skin is a seriously good pick me up. Puffiness around the eyes is improved, pores are tightened and skin is smoother and moisturised. The upshot of this is that you look fresher and your makeup goes on better the next day and the results do last.
  • A classic manicure. This needn’t cost a great deal and can improve ANY hands and nails believe me. Even gardeners hands. If you need them to look presentable  for a wedding or meeting for example, just remember that hands don’t have to have long red nails to be attractive, just short and neatly filed with smooth cuticles will always look presentable, and a slick of nude pink or cream colour is always extremely chic.

Try your local salon for these and always ask if there is a package deal, or better yet, ask for a voucher for Christmas from the local salon and try them out as your Christmas present

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