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I think I’ve shared about Essentially yours skincare before but as so many people are looking at Vegan and cruelty free food and cosmetics this month I wanted to share them again. Check them out here.

I used their products for a long time while being a full time  beauty therapist and still use some of their stuff now. The main one that I use is the face wash. It will get rid of make-up and is (for me)  definitely gentle enough to go around eyes to get off mascara.

Their facial and body oils are delicious too, I love their Revital facial oil.

Go and check them out, they’re a really nice company.



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A Cool Vegan Find

Vegan products are popping up everywhere now,and I couldn’t be more delighted.

I saw this beauty in Boots in the new Vegan section in Bath the other day. How cool is that! Mind you it might have been there for a while but it was still cool.

I bought it and tried it and am here to tell you that it is fragrant and beautiful and does an excellent job on my fine, coloured hair.

The lid design was a bit off though. Better to take the lid off entirely. Still utterly delectable smell though!

Maui Hair conditioner bottle

I’ll be looking out for more gorgeous Vegan Skin care through January,and hit me up in the comments with your recommendations





How to Get the Benefits of Facial Exercises

I looked around for more videos of facial exercises and came across this from Eve Fraser. I found her book a few years ago and loved it. This is a very chatty talk show and so it doesn’t give many examples but it does show some.

It is a very good example of just how amazing these exercises can be. When you look at it, remember that Eve in this video is in her 80’s.

I like this because it gives a great overview of some of the work that she does and it also includes men proving that this is not just for women.

Out of what is shown here I particularly like the exercise for the apple of the cheeks and for tightening a double chin. Along with the exercise that I shared I am beginning to do these every day. How about you? Want to join me and give them a try?

Let me know in the comments if you try them or Tweet me @gorgeousness_

How to get the right skin products for you in 3 easy steps.

Have you ever gone up to the skincare counter and asked for a new face cream and found after a couple of days that it just wasn’t moisturising enough or it was too rich?

That’s because knowing your skin type is only a small part of the problem.

There are 3 main skin types: Oily, Combination and Dry.


Lots of large open pores, blackheads especially on the forehead, nose and chin, and some spots. A layer of grease on your skin by midday and your skin is fairly often shiny and can be a little thick in texture.


Finer, drier skin on cheeks but open pores on nose, forehead and chin and some shine or oil on skin, especially on your nose by midday or tea time. This is the most common skin type.


No shine on skin. Often feels tight and sometimes a little flaky. Your pores are mostly quite tight and small and your skin is a fine, smooth texture.

The next thing to know is what your skin condition is.


Feels irritated easily by most products and reddens easily when exposed to many products. Make-up can make it feel irritated or suddenly very dry or sore. Sensitive skin can be caused by using skin care that is too harsh or perfumed for you. Exhaustion, stress and worry can make your skin easily irritated too.


Skin roughly over the age of 40 that may show lines around the eyes especially or have sagging in the skin tone.  Although everybody’s  skin  gets to being “mature” in time, some lifestyle habits can worsen it, such as over exposure to the sun, too much booze, cigarettes  or unhealthy food.


Can have the look sometimes of being silvery. If you look closely in the mirror and gently press your skin you see a lot of very tiny lines all over your face.  Dehydration can be caused by not drinking enough plain water, too much salt in our diets, not enough fruit and veg, having the heating on when its cold (although we’re all going to, right?) and even air conditioning.


Very angry spots with yellow heads coming up frequently, very open pores, blackheads, may be very oily. It’s caused by fluctuating hormones and is most common in teenagers though it can occur at any age. The very first thing to do with acne is to see a doctor in order to find out what you are dealing with and to explore options.

When you know this you can go to the next (and best) bit.

What is your concern? Or: What bothers you about your skin the most?

For example, my skin is combination, mature and dehydrated. My concern is the mature part, I’m not very bothered about the combination part, but I can’t use too many heavy creams without it getting a bit blocked. So I use cleanser  for normal skin  or dry skin, exfoliate once a week with a scrub, a little clay mask once a fortnight and moisturiser  for dry, dehydrated skin and a night oil for anti-ageing to keep lines at bay. This takes care of the little oiliness that I have but addresses my concerns with ageing as my main focus.

So what bothers you? Is it lines? Worry about it getting older? It feels tight? It’s really greasy? Firmness? Sagging under the eyes? Wrinkles around lips? Be honest with yourself because it really is important that you know what you want to work on.

Remember these items as you learn about your skin and remember that knowing your skin will help you choose the right skin care first time.

Happy Shopping!

By the way, I love to hear how you get on so go ahead and share your own tips or questions,  or if you found this useful, please do leave a comment.

Ps. My new book with lots more helpful information is available here

My Challenge

This week has been a real challenge already. And it’s only Monday.

I have, just this morning, published my first book. It’s an e-book called, The Gorgeous Girls Guide to Beautiful Skin. Do have a look at it here.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life. Particularly because this was purely voluntary! It took ages to upload, mostly this was me accidentally deleting information I had already put in. I think I had 6 cups of tea while I went through this process.

When it was done, I sat and stared at the screen and then I burst into tears. I’m still not sure why. A combination of panic and relief I guess. I do think that Amazon could have been more helpful though, I thought a message saying “Are you ok?” or “Do you need a hug?” could have popped up. That would’ve been nice.

This has been a truly big challenge, and now that I’ve done it, I’m really excited and very happy to share it with you.



Dull Jaded Skin?

Is your skin jaded and dull after Christmas? It’s not surprising if like most of us you’ve been inside with lots of tea and booze, crisps and chocolates. It’s what we do while we’re having holiday with the family and I’m certainly not complaining.

 But our skins do show the after effects of this and can be greasy, dull or dry.  Try doing a quick revival on your face and give it a deep cleanse using a clay mask. Even if you have dry skin this is a good one to do, so long as you don’t use it too often. They work by absorbing oil, lifting it right off your skin and so helps your pores to be tighter and your skin to look brighter and fresher.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a cleaning cream or milk using a warm cloth to remove it.  Lay a thick layer of the clay mask over your skin and be sure to avoid your eyes and cover your T zone (forehead and nose) and leave on as directed. Usually 5 minutes for a dry skin and up to 15 for an oily skin. Wash it off with lots of warm water and then bathe with cool water to finish. 
Afterwards use a serum or a night cream to pack some hydration in, or if you have one, use a facial oil and give your skin a little massage. It’s a wonderful pick me up for a jaded skin.
 If you’re doing this in the morning, just apply your day cream, and make-up as normal. it will look much better and smoother. 

Don’t forget to drink a couple of big glasses of water today too!

I’d love to hear any questions that you have with skin care, just post them here or tweet me @gorgeousness_

Update on Rimmel BB Cream


I recently blogged about the Latest thing;  BB Cream

I noticed it in Boots and without really knowing what it was decided to give it a try. Generally I like Rimmel products. I find for the money they are excellent quality.

I wanted to give you a little update in how I find it.

First of all, the texture is nice and soft and creamy, it offers some coverage and is very blendable. In spite of the fact that it is very pale it still doesn’t have a chalky or caked on appearance.

It lasts well for the day without turning greasy.

Here’s the most important bit.

My skin is naturally oily and make-up doesn’t really last very well on me, even with foundation and powder which I don’t like to wear very heavily every day. However, with a little of this all over, it lasts much longer and that is an absolute winner to me.

A heavier application definitely gives more coverage and a paler skin.
It doesn’t have the luscious feeling of a rich foundation though., but a little underneath will hold your foundation on much better!

Loving this product.

Have you tried any of them yet?

Joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The Ultimate Blog Challenge
I’ve taken part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this January, I decided to do it, not really to boost my blog but to make a commitment to writing as often as possible and to try and hit the target. I want to be a better writer so a challenge to write every day seemed like a good idea. I also wanted to break through the fear that strikes when its time to write. I’ll usually sit on the sofa and bite my fingers while avoiding looking at the computer or I’ll go and find something to do “quickly”. This is why its day 5 (though in fairness I signed up 2 days late) and the house is spotless.
My main subject is beauty tips, favourite and most useful beauty and make up products, and answering questions that I’ve been asked for the last 20 or so years of being a beauty therapist, so if there are any questions out there let me know.
 I’ve also got another personal challenge of clearing the clutter of outdated habits, too much paper and making this year simpler and happier.

The top 5 list of useful and inexpensive beauty treatments

We often think of using a salon as something expensive and only for a lovely treat, but these are some treatments that cost very little and in my experience can be effective and useful and worth every penny
  • Eyebrow waxing. A good eyebrow shape done with wax or threading leaves eyebrows smooth and immaculate. The effect of this simple and inexpensive treatment is to make your eyes look more awake and gives your face a groomed, chic look.  
  • Eyelash tinting. Even if you wear mascara all the time this makes a difference, especially first thing in the morning, and if you are off on your holidays (or to a festival), even more so. Don’t forget its also waterproof so no need for eye make up remover. No-ones eyelashes are completely dark to the tip and a tint will make them black so that they seem longer, even without makeup on and look better when it is.
  • Under arm wax. Yes I can hear you wince even from here, but a few sessions can see the hair start to soften. Stick with it and get it done every 3 to 4 weeks and after a while, that shadow that you see under your skin every other day, should go. And that can be such a result in summer.
  • Hands on facials. A deep cleanse, and massage to lift the skin and natural oils to purify and moisturise your skin is a seriously good pick me up. Puffiness around the eyes is improved, pores are tightened and skin is smoother and moisturised. The upshot of this is that you look fresher and your makeup goes on better the next day and the results do last.
  • A classic manicure. This needn’t cost a great deal and can improve ANY hands and nails believe me. Even gardeners hands. If you need them to look presentable  for a wedding or meeting for example, just remember that hands don’t have to have long red nails to be attractive, just short and neatly filed with smooth cuticles will always look presentable, and a slick of nude pink or cream colour is always extremely chic.

Try your local salon for these and always ask if there is a package deal, or better yet, ask for a voucher for Christmas from the local salon and try them out as your Christmas present