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I looked around for more videos of facial exercises and came across this from Eve Fraser. I found her book a few years ago and loved it. This is a very chatty talk show and so it doesn’t give many examples but it does show some.

It is a very good example of just how amazing these exercises can be. When you look at it, remember that Eve in this video is in her 80’s.

I like this because it gives a great overview of some of the work that she does and it also includes men proving that this is not just for women.

Out of what is shown here I particularly like the exercise for the apple of the cheeks and for tightening a double chin. Along with the exercise that I shared I am beginning to do these every day. How about you? Want to join me and give them a try?

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How to Get a Natural Brow Lift, Free!

I’ve done facial exercises periodically over time and loved them but I have fallen out of the habit in recent years. The results can be fantastic, especially if you stick with them (as with any other form of exercise). The wonderful thing about facial exercise is firstly, it’s free and secondly it really does have a positive effect on the tone of your facial muscles. Just think of singers such as Tina Turner, it can’t all be plastic surgery that keeps the tone of her face so good, I think its also down to the powerful way she sings which exercises her face.
Right now I’m away on a short break and have found, as I often do, that being away brings inspiration and new ideas. In fact while I was travelling in the car I suddenly tried some facial stretches and they felt so incredibly good, I thought of Youtube and I thought of you guys.
After a short look around I found this found this video which shows how to do a brow lifting exercise. Try it and see how it feels. I just tried it and it felt great. I didn’t use gloves though as I don’t have any with me, but I think its’s ok for this exercise. I’m off to the spa for a swim and brow lifting!


Boost Your Skin Naturally

You know those days when you wake up and your skin feels old and stiff and in need of something to give it a boost? One of the answers to this may well be in the kitchen cupboards.

Have a look and see if there is a jar of honey in there.

Honey has been used for centuries as a beauty product to cleanse, moisturise and heal skin, it can help with acne, with scarring and as a simple face mask it hydrates and gives you skin a natural healthy glow.

This is what you do.

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly using a cleansing milk if you have one and a warm cloth to remove it. This opens the pores and so helps to deep cleanse.
  • Repeat.
  • Dry your skin with a soft towel.
  • Cover your hair and clothes as honey drips a lot or wash your hair afterwards!
  • Scoop up a dollop of honey in your fingertips and spread it over your forehead quickly, scoop up some more and spread over nose, cheeks and throat, don’t forget your upper lip. You only need a fairly thin layer on your skin.
  • Wipe your fingers clean on your face cloth
  • Lean back and close your eyes for 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Use wet cotton pads, rested on your eyes for an extra treat.
  • When you are ready, rinse your face thoroughly with lots of warm water, make sure it is out of your eyebrows and hairline.
  • Tone or rinse your skin with cool water.
  • Moisturise as normal.

I hope you enjoy this lovely home made face mask. Let me know if you try it or share your own home made face masks with us!


How to Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes.

If you have very dark shadows under your eyes then you know how tired they can make you look. Its incredibly easy to slap on concealer and make the whole area look much worse as the make-up  you’ve applied settles into lines around your eyes, so try this.

Use a creamy concealer as opposed to a stick. Lots of ranges have them and some have light diffusing particles.  A stick can make any fine lines look even heavier and that’s not a good look. Place it right on the shadow and slightly into the corner of the eye where shadows can look very dark. 
Pat it right onto the shadow and not aver all the skin under your eyes.

Dust the tiniest amount of very sheer face  powder over the eyes.

Take a little amount of sheer, pale and pearly eye-shadow and apply it very lightly over the top lid and let it go into the inner corner of the eye. Be careful of the shade, a pale gold can easily look yellow and make you look jaundiced. Experiment with different shades but keep it very light and delicate. For instance pearl, ivory, pale brown or nude, or even lavender.

Use a small amount of black, dark grey or very dark brown liner on the upper eyelid to make a small wing, just on the outer corner of the eye.

Use lots of black mascara on the upper lashes and brush upwards and outwards to create lift and open up your eyes. Use rather less on the lower lid if it makes your eyes look heavy or if it tends to smudge.

 If you use foundation, always apply this first and use it fairly sparingly around the eyes.

Let me know any of your favourite concealers that you use and why you love them




How To Avoid Chipped Nail Polish

A little list of things to remember to keep your nail polish looking chic for as long as possible.
  • File your nails. If your nails always start to break when they are a certain length, file them to just below that length so that they will last longer.
  • Always make sure that there is no oil on your nails before you paint them.
  • Make sure to use a base coat. Remember if your nails split, don’t use a nail hardener, use a base coat. that is for moisturising. Never use a top coat as a base coat.
  • Apply two thin coats of colour.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes then,
  • Apply a top coat. My favourite is Seche Vite.
  • Try and keep your nails out of water for several hours after applying polish. 
I hope this helps to keep your nails looking good and un-chipped!

How to do an Express Pedicure

Pampered feet with polished toes are fantastic. Even in Winter I like to paint toes red, they look so cheerful when I get in the shower!

You will need;

A foot spa or a plastic bowl, Bubble bath or shower gel,   Tea tee or peppermint essential oil (optional),  Nail clippers, Nail file,  Foot file, Cuticle oil or sweet almond oil,  Foot cream or body lotion,  A cuticle stick,  Nail polish remover,  A couple of towels

  • Fill a bowl with bubble bath and a few drops of essential oil, place it with a couple of towels on the floor.
  • Remove all your nail polish. Clip your nails straight across and gently file any rough edges.  Rub some oil into your nails and hard skin.
  • Place your feet into the bowl, lean back, and relax for 5 minutes or longer if you have the time.
  • Lift your feet out and gently rub your cuticles back with the cuticle stick using a little extra oil if the original oil has gone.
  • Rub hard skin with the foot file.
  • Rub moisturiser into your feet.
  • Wipe each nail with nail polish remover to get rid of cream.
  • Apply nail polish, one layer of base coat and two of colour and finish with a speed drying Top Coat such as Seche Vite.
  • Leave for a good couple of hours

Simple Daily Deep Cleanse

We all do it, most of us anyway. We  quickly wipe off make up in the evening and fall into bed, and in the morning just wipe or wash our faces. It’s not always enough to get our skin really clean. Make-up, sweat, pollution and sun tan lotion clog up pores and make our skin look dingy and encourage blackheads and spots.

If this seems like you try this simple deep cleanse at home. All you need is a couple of minutes, a bottle of cleansing milk, some hot water, and a cloth or a flannel.

  • Apply cleanser all over your skin fairly generously. Wipe off with a cloth wrung out in warm/hot water.
  • Apply another layer of cleanser and massage lightly with upward strokes with the flats of your fingers and then rub in little circles with finger tips. Do this for up to a minute and don’t forget to include your neck.
  • Rinse out the cloth again in pleasantly hot water. Lay it flat over the upper part of your face and relax for about 20 seconds. Wash it out again in more hot water and rest it over the lower part of your face and neck.
  • Repeat once.
  • Wring out the cloth again and gently wipe all over several times, rinsing out as you go until your skin feels smooth and free of cleanser.
  • Finish with a cool rinse of water and tone.
  • Carry on with moisturiser.

I hope you enjoy this super simple deep cleanse. 

Damn that ice cream

With the sudden advent of sooo much sun I’ve run for the bikini drawer and had the depressing realisation that I am too late with the diet to be early for summer.

No matter, extreme hot weather and putting on the shorts that are too tight and the sundress  that has no space for my chest have inspired and motivated  me like nothing else could

So right here I’m committing to lose half a stone.

If anyone wants to join me and share some helpful tips and encouragement with others please do.

I’ll start by being honest with you. I can’t even give up chocolate for a day. In summer I inhaleice cream, when I cook something healthy like a veggie curry to last 2 days I eat it all! On very busy days running around seeing clients I will spend the day eating biscuits rather than apples. Often when I come home from work I will just nuke a frozen “healthy option” because I’m tired and can’t be bothered.  Same as most of us I guess. 

So my aim is to;

·         Find some super simple healthy recipes

·         Develop some better habits with snacks, 

·         Keep it on a low budget by not having to go out and buy masses of new ingredients and keeping it simple.

By focusing on this I should;


And increase
Low fat protein
And simple veg

And of course focus on simple, easy to do and foods that I like. Otherwise what’s the point?
so this is a fab salad recipe from childhood. Many (many) years ago we had this day after day in scorching summer and my mum gave it to us with sliced ham. She tells me it kept overnight really well. I made it yesterday and she’s right.

White cabbage, (not the outer leaves)

Grated carrots (about 3)

Red dessert apple

Peanuts or any other nuts


Celery sticks chopped small

Salad cream

Cider vinegar

Light oil

Any other extras you like such as grapes, dates, fresh peas

To make

Slice the cabbage

Grate the carrots

Core and chop the apple into quarters and slice

Add the nuts, raisins or any other extras you fancy.

Mix up 2 spoons oil, 1 spoon vinegar and 2 spoons salad cream and toss the salad.

Serve with a slice of ham or chicken or fresh bread.

(Not forgetting, a little ice cream for dessert)

Get involved share your simple in every way but health and flavour, recipes with us in the comments.

Excellent Tip for Puffy Eyes

Tired eyes in the morning? 
Who doesn’t? 
Tired puffy eyes, are caused by too much TV, using a computer for hours a day, too much caffeine, too rich cream on your eyes, too much salt, not enough sleep and after all that, crying.

This is a super simple beauty tip, good for men and women and it’s free too.

First thing in the morning (or if not then, whenever you have time) wring out a face cloth or cotton wool pads in very cold water. Place over your eyes and hold there.

When it gets warm, repeat and keep going for at least a couple of minutes.

You can do this every day morning or evening. It can have a real lifting effect on your eyes and if you use it all over your face, will brighten and refresh, and all for free. 
I’d  love to share your own tips for puffy eyes and to hear how you got on with this one. 

The Secrets of Lovely Eyelashes

Thick, long eyelashes are something that many of us would like, but sometimes even when we use a really good (and probably expensive) mascara, we don’t always get the results we want.

If this seems like you, try these little tricks of the trade.

  • ·         Put a little powder onto your lids and lashes, just enough to lightly dust. Do this after you have put on your normal eye makeup.  This has the result that when you put on your mascara your lashes are thickened immediately.
  • ·         Next, take your mascara (if you have a habit of poking yourself in the eye, sit at a table and rest your elbows on it) and start on the top lashes.
  • ·         First brush gently downwards.  Pay attention to cover from outer to inner corner.
  • ·         Once that’s done apply a second coat but this time work upwards and outwards on the underside of top eyelashes. The trick here is always to apply slowly and brush outwards (towards your temples) to encourage the lashes to fan out, again from outer to inner corner. Doing this slowly helps to encourage them to dry fanned out and curved upwards.
  • ·         Now do the lower lashes. Work from corner to corner again.
  • ·         Check the results in the mirror. If you want them thicker, (of course you do) apply another coat. On the top lashes you will probably not need to cover the roots so start slightly further out to focus on the mid lengths and tips to thicken and add definition and  you can emphasize the outer corners of your eyes by applying only to your outer  lashes.

Voila, thicker eyelashes.  

I’d love to know if you try this tip and it works for you or if you have another great tip.