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Got to let you in on this one!

BB Cream by Rimmel

Just bought  this product yesterday.  Really hadn’t planned to, just nipped in to get a waterproof mascara for a wedding client at the weekend and saw Rimmel have a BB Cream out at £6.99.

I’ve never heard of a BB Cream before so if you haven’t either, it stands for Blemish Balm and it’s pretty new here in the UK. Anyway I’d never heard of it, tried it in the shop, loved it and bought it.

There are only 2 shades and I bought “Light”. I have fair English skin.  It looks slightly pale, blends in well and it has evened out pink in my cheeks and given a really lovely light (not greasy) sheen.

The BB Cream, acts as a primer, blemish concealer, moisturiser, pore minimiser, brightener and tinted moisturiser.  
Now my personal feeling has always been that tinted moisturisers are just coloured cream without any coverage which I don’t like. But I don’t like very heavy foundation type coverage either, especially for daily use. This seems to hit the balance really well. Plus it seems to blend well, with fair skin, if you don’t get the shade and coverage right you can look too dark and unnatural or look deathly pale. 

One other thing, although it acts as a moisturiser, my skin needs more than that so I will continue to use my normal moisturiser underneath.

 I’ve only tried it for a day so I will let you know very soon how it works out and if you use them I’d really love to know what you think of them


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