Skin Care Secrets

We all want to have beautiful skin but understanding how to sort through the jungle of advice can seem too complicated. Have you ever read a magazine and been overwhelmed by the contradicting advice? Or wondered “How am I supposed to know what my skin type is anyway”?

This little e-book will show you how to cut through the beauty jungle in a few easy steps to find the perfect products and personalised skincare routine that will work for you! By learning, what your skin type is, what your main concerns are, how to identify what type of products will suit not only your skin but also your lifestyle and your budget, you will find the skincare world much more fun and manageable. You will also learn what different product types are and how to use them to suit you!

Whether you are young and just starting to learn about skincare or maybe your skin has changed and you aren’t sure what to do, this book will have something for you.

This book has come from over 20 years’ experience as a Beauty Therapist in many different salons and meeting hundreds of women, with just about every skin type and question about how to look after it. During that time I have learned as much as I have taught and found that most of us have the same questions about skincare.

Beautiful glowing skin is a real asset to anyone and looking after it should be a joy and a pleasure, so join me as we learn about how to look after your gorgeous skin, and how to find your perfect skincare in the chaos and confusion of a department store.

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